Since 2002, a group of between 12 to 14 students spend their Maymester hiking, conducting experiments and learning about real-world application of environmental issues.

“I was looking on the TCU summer study abroad programs website and saw that there was an environmental program,” said Shelly Laroche, a sophomore green marketing major. “I am going to Costa Rica this summer and hope to gain more knowledge of the sustainable practices used in Costa Rica and how I can use that to help better the environment.”

This independent trip focuses on geology, environmental science, culture and history. It is interdisciplinary and also allows students to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica through activities like zip lining through the forests, hiking volcanoes and swimming under waterfalls.

Students stay at a research station in the middle of the jungle.

“Specifically to the field station, being able to stay in the middle of the rainforest was the most beneficial part,” said Lakota Cheek, a senior biology major. “It really opened my eyes to the importance of conservation efforts.”