About Global Innovators

The Global Innovators Initiative partners groundbreaking individuals from throughout the world with TCU faculty, staff and students on long-term collaborations that address critical global issues such as human trafficking, wildlife conservation, gender equality, indigenous rights, refugee education, resource sustainability, healing and reconciliation.

The Global Innovators Initiative is seeking to support the work of individuals who are actively engaged on the front lines of major global challenges. Each Global Innovator is invited to the TCU campus to receive the prestigious Global Innovator Prize and begin planning a long-term project with the university, initially funded through an internal grant of up to $25,000.

Those Global Innovator collaborations that have successfully used their initial award are eligible to apply for Continuing Engagement Grants, which are small awards of up to $5,000 each, for the purpose of sustaining the university’s engagements with these remarkable individuals.


Successful Global Innovator Collaborations Typically:

  • Produce significant learning outcomes for TCU students while advancing the Innovator’s work in his or her home country.
  • Link naturally to the TCU partner’s expertise and/or course offerings.
  • Feature a multi-disciplined approach that involves a variety of departments and offices across campus.
  • Evolve to include international experiences for TCU students.
  • Inspire new programs and course offerings at TCU.
  • Qualify for other funding sources, both internally and externally.
  • Lead to publications and conference presentations, over time.


TCU Global Innovators Initiative

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