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Discovery in Panama

creating clear opportunities

Explore Dayna Martin’s discovery of empowering self-sufficiency in teen mothers in Panama through education, with the Voces Vitales’ Las Claras Program.

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Chapter 1

in 2015 Dayna Martin Journeyed to Panama

In the small village of Felipillo, outside of Panama City, Dayna and her group of fellow students met with community leaders from the NGO Voces Vitales, who work with at-risk women in the community, to discuss some of the most important challenges faced by women in Latin America, including teen pregnancy and its social and economic impact on development, the need for skills and vocational training, and child care.

Dayna speaking about Voces Vitales in the documentary The Word in Bold

Chaper 2 Video

Chapter 2

stability and self-sufficiency

While working with Voces Vitales’ Las Claras Program, Dayna participated in workshops with the program’s students and helped to aide them in their situations. During an interview session, Dayna met 19 year old Abigail and her son Anthony, who have been working with Voce Vitales to continue Abigail’s education and receive healthcare services in the community of Felipillo.

"The women in my community know how to fight & persevere..." -Abigail, 19, Las Claras Student

Chapter 3

a discovery
outside of herself

"My journey to Panama was eye opening. It really puts you out of your comfort zone and makes you think of the world differently. On our way back to the City of Knowledge, I called my mom and I told her about working with the teens. My mom was happy I had the opportunity to meet with them and as we talked, I couldn’t help but reflect that life had in some way come full circle: as a daughter of a teen mom, I was now empowering other teen moms in Panama."

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