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Faculty/Staff International Travel

All employee international travel must be registered and approved by TCU Global to committing funds. This applies to all international travel for faculty and staff, without students, on behalf of TCU.

  1. Register Faculty/Staff International Travel
  2. You will receive a response within 24 hours indicating your application is under review. Within 3 weeks, you will receive notification of the decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

All TCU employees traveling internationally on TCU business or using TCU funds.

No. This registration is only for travel related to your role at TCU.

Yes. If you are representing TCU, or traveling in connection to your role at TCU, you need to register your travel.

Your dates, cities, and purpose of travel (i.e., conference, teaching, research).

At least 3 weeks before travel and prior to spending funds for your trip.

No. Each individual must register their own travel.

Yes, click “Edit an Existing Trip” to access a list of all your previous Global TCU applications.

Yes. Learn more about “On Call” on our Health, Safety and Emergencies page. In addition, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation if injured.