A More Global TCU

TCU embraces the vision of educating our students to become global citizens through international experiences that prepare them for life beyond TCU. Global connectivity is becoming easier and more common, while cultural differences and societal issues are more apparent in our daily lives. Discovering Global Citizenship welcomes global connectivity by bringing ideas and cultures to the TCU community through various avenues to inspire our University to learn more and relate with issues around the world.

TCU remains focused on preparing our students to be global leaders long after they graduate. We encourage our students, faculty, donors and alumni to be involved globally in a manner that is more than just familiarity. Rather, we created a program to diversify and educate our students with fun and interactive, hands-on learning opportunities. In the past, these experiences were limited to study abroad programs or specific classes on campus. However, through Discovering Global Citizenship experiences and initiatives, we provide easier access to international and comparative learning— allowing more meaningful impact opportunities in our students’ lives.

“I think we’re about giving these students a broad education so they’ve got the tools to tackle these societal problems when they cross the stage. That’s why I’ve never left this university.”
— Mike Slattery

“DGC takes people, and it takes this university, this privileged environment that we live in, and it opens up our eyes to how the rest of the world lives. But also, importantly, it opens up the possibility of our students and our faculty and our staff and our alums helping to solve some of these issues.”
— Mike Slattery

Discovering Global Citizenship

Discovering Global Citizenship began in 2013 to move TCU into the future while fulfilling our University’s mission statement on creating “ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.”

We created six initiatives using technology, travel and engagement with our local community to expand our opportunities for international involvement. Discovering Global Citizenship is designed to engage the TCU community with the world while providing a variety of international and comparative interactions for students. We aim for these experiences to better prepare our students for opportunities to engage with communities and discussions about the world and people we come in contact with daily.


To engage TCU with the world by providing international and comparative experiences for students


Beyond experiences, Discovering Global Citizenship produces measurable results in improving the students’ experience and education at TCU.